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  • The Tilting Within

    Annunciation Even if I don’t see it again — nor ever feel it I know it is — and that if once it hailed me it ever does — And so it is myself I want to turn in that direction not as towards a place, but it was a tilting within myself, as one […]

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  • The Island is Also That Towards Which One Drifts

    Islands O for God’s sake they are connected underneath They look at each other across the glittering sea some keep a low profile Some are cliffs The Bathers think islands are separate like them –Muriel Rukeyser I found this fresh and invigorating poem on Intercapillary/Space where I also found the following succinct commentary by Edmund […]

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  • Fully Engaged

    Architect and author Juhani Pallasmaa A few days ago my friend Janet alerted me to an appreciation of Frank Kermode in the New York Times (an excerpt is posted here.) She also left a comment on an earlier post about Dorothea Lasky that asked this question: “I am curious about what your response might be […]

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  • Entanglements and Mysteries

    Frank Kermode died this week at the age of 90. His output was staggering. I’ve only read a small sampling of a body of work that is wide ranging as well as insightful. In her appreciation of Kermode in the New York Times, Verlyn Klinkenborg describes Kermode’s literary modus operandi. It struck a chord. The […]

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  • In Awe of “Awe”

    Whatever you Paid for That Sweater, It was Worth It Be scared of yourself The real self Is very scary. It is a man But more importantly The man is tall And is everything in you that is an absolute reverse of all your actions. In you he will do things and in you no […]

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  • Architecture and Beauty

    Another book that sounds like it is right in my sweet spot: Architecture and Beauty: Conversations with Architects about a Troubled Relationship, by Yael Reisner. Ah, beauty… It continues to be an issue of dispute in every contemporary m├ętier—visual art, music, literature. This topic continues to engage, divide, provoke, perplex. I know a bit about […]

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  • Doubters

    Crossfield 1 by Jack Tworkov (Collection of Ms. Beatrice Perry) This has been a summer of enjoying the art reviews of Sebastian Smee in the Boston Globe. (Before coming to the Globe, Smee has wrote for The Australian, the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, The Independent on Sunday, The Art Newspaper […]

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  • The Intuition Deliminator

    Homage to Ucello #4, Anna Hepler (Photo: Courtesy of Karin Thomas) I have written about Sebastian Smee’s review of Anna Hepler’s show at the Portland Museum in an earlier post but there’s another passage in that article that has continued to hold my attention. Hepler’s approach to her work and to teaching runs close to […]