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  • Boston Gallery Update

    Jessica Straus at Boston Sculptor’s Gallery I am sharing a few highlights from my recent visit to some Boston gallery shows. Without intention, the majority of work that I saw that spoke most directly to me was 1) 3D and 2) made by women. I have no explanation for either. (BTW, I made this trip […]

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  • Stella, He Da Man

    The way I prepare for a show is to go into hermit mode: Sequester yourself in the art cave and don’t come out until the work is ready. That also means that most of the conversations I am having these days are with non-sentient beings (i.e., my paintings). It is in a small way like […]

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  • The Art Healer

    Melamid in front of his “Art Healing Ministry” An article from the New York Times provocatively titled Can a Picasso Cure You?, went viral as soon as it was published. References to it were appearing repeatedly on Facebook and Twitter all day. First of all, the title is just too delicious to not stop and […]

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  • Take Me Deep: The Dark Room

    Installation shot of works by Jacob Kassay Trends, fads, instant celebritism, hype and its own version of insider trading, the art world (seems silly to call it a “world”—I would prefer a name that is more in line with drug trafficking or a proper noun like Wall Street) has always had its version of the […]

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  • Water Washing Over a Shelly Back

    Soul What am I doing inside this old man’s body? I feel like I’m the insides of a lobster, All thought, and all digestion, and pornographic Inquiry, and getting about, and bewilderment, And fear, avoidance of trouble, belief in what, God knows, vague memories of friends, and what They said last night, and seeing, outside […]

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  • Keeping it Fresh

    Boston Globe art critic Sebastian Smee was written a fresh and engaging review of the Fluxus show currently at the Hood Museum at Dartmouth. Generally known in the US through the work of artists and musicians like George Maciunas, John Cage and La Monte Young, the Fluxus movement capitalized on the high jinx, random access, […]

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  • Each With Our Own Rauschenberg

    Photo: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times The proliferation of memorials and remembrances of Robert Rauschenberg has begun. Michael Kimmelman’s obit in the New York Times and Michael McNay’s piece in the Guardian are both well wrought, describing this man who lived an extraordinary life and left an enormous and unforgettable body of work. But I […]

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  • Charles Baxter: Against Epiphanies

    A moment of light revelry in the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the MFA, Boston This following is an excerpt from an old (1997) Atlantic interview with Charles Baxter whose recently released collection of short stories is called Gryphon: Atlantic: In your essay “Against Epiphanies” you argue that a “character’s experiences in a story [don’t] have […]

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  • Art and Health

    Pyrre, from a new series of paintings (Graphite, gold pigment, wax medium on wood panel) Thoughts worth sharing by two artists I admire: *** Art is a guarantee of sanity. That is the most important thing I have said. –Louise Bourgeois *** What gets an artist out of bed is the possibility of actually making […]

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  • Other Worlds

    Warren Burger, by George Augusta My friend Carl Belz has written about his encounters with portrait art while heading up the Rose Museum at Brandeis a few years back. He was asked to recommend a portrait painter for the retiring chairman of the University‚Äôs Board of Trustees. ” I immediately suggested Andy Warhol,” Belz writes, […]