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  • The Grand Piano is Gone

    The Pegasus Schimmel Grand Piano by Luigi Colani: Everyday concepts and objects are always open for reinvention, and no one did that better than Steve Jobs. It has been weeks since Steve Jobs passed on. Like so many others who have come to think of their Apple devices as virtual appendages, I had the distinct […]

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  • De Koo in Perpetua

    Paintings by Colescott on the left and Ramos on the right: Installation view at the new Rose Art Museum One more addendum to two themes from earlier this week—the reopening of the Rose Art Museum (here), and my albeit very personal response (which has become, over the years, increasingly disapproving) to the Woman series on […]

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  • The Rose Reopens: Art Trumps Money

    The Rose Museum at Brandeis University reopened Last night the previously disenfranchised and much beleaguered Rose Art Museum on the Brandeis campus reopened with much fanfare, a celebration being called The Rose Art Museum at fifty. In spite of a torrential rainstorm, the museum was chockablock with donors, students, artists, patrons and, specially introduced to […]

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  • Infinite Riches in a Little Room

    De Kooning’s “Weekend at Mr. and Mrs. Krisher,” lithograph, 1970 _______________ More on De Kooning, Part 2 Another issue that emerged from spending the day at the De Kooning exhibit is a theme that I have written about here before: epic vs lyric; working large vs working small; the proclivity to grandiosity in contrast to […]

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  • De Kooningingly Up and Down

    Rosy Fingered Dawn at Louise Point, 1963 Pirate, 1981 With so many thoughtful and well written reviews already available of the MOMA’s blockbuster retrospective of De Kooning, it is easy to give myself permission to take a more personal jaunt through the seven decades’ worth of work on display. John Elderfield‘s curatorial mastery is in […]

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  • Up Close and Personal

    Looking down from the top balcony onto the Sum of Days installation by Carlito Carvalhosa in the MOMA. It is just too big and sensual to not pay attention and be delighted at some level. I just returned from five days in New York and Philadelphia. This was a working and a viewing trip. Since […]

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  • E) All of the Above

    Dewey Square in Boston on October 15 On the topic of art and political activism (discussed in my earlier post here): Susana Viola Jacobson, consummate artist and critic, left the following response to that piece. Her thoughts were too good to not share. Very thoughtful piece. I wrestled with this divide for years and finally […]

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  • Both/And

    October 15 march and protest in Boston Aligning the work you do with the passions of your heart is not a given. My partner Dave worked for decades before he finally found a way to integrate his professional life with his personal desire to make the world a better place. (His organization, ReachScale, creates public/private […]

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  • Necessary Wildness

    Wasatch Mountains in Utah (October 2011) Writing about writing poetry: It soothes my soul the way reading scriptures comforts believers. In an earlier post I referenced Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry by Jane Hirschfield (here), an inspiring and thoughtful meditation on how poetry comes into being. And now I have another to recommend: […]