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  • Moonscaping

    George Wingate viewing “Candara” at the show in Providence (photo by Robert Hanlon) George Wingate, artist and life long friend made a trip down from Wenham to see the show at Rhode Island College, “Acquire/Inquire.” He sent me the photograph above with these simple words: standing before the moon. Oh that I could evoke that […]

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  • Holding it All

    Hold Everything Dear as the brick of the afternoon stores the rose heat of the journey as the rose buds a green room to breathe and blossoms like the wind as the thinning birches whisper their silver stories of the wind to the urgent in the trucks as the leaves of the hedge store the […]

  • Antiquities
  • The Gift of Time

    Two women stroll among the walls of Halebid, built in the 9th century Sharing experiences from travels is a bit like sharing dreams: The iconography and narrative are personal and not well suited for public discourse. So other than sharing the rudimentaries, my report on my time in India will be succinct. A phrase or […]

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  • On Blessed Hiatus

    The many faces of India: A street in Mamallapuram in Southern India, 2008 The heart loves what it loves, and mine keeps coming back to India. So how grateful I am that after four years I am returning again. I could try to explain my attraction but that seems unnecessary given the land’s long history […]

  • Art Making
  • Creative DNA

    From my early days: Graphix 5, from 1977 David Cope is a Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of California at Santa Cruz (my alma mater). In a segment on Radio Lab over the weekend, he described an extraordinary project he began in 1981 when he was suffering from a serious case of composer’s […]

  • Art Making
  • A Heart That Wants

    Golasule, on display at the Bannister Gallery, Rhode Island College Having just come off a very acknowledging opening and show, I have been thinking a great deal about that last part of the arc of art making: connecting with others. Like many of my artist friends, I spend most of my time alone in my […]

  • Aesthetics
  • The Lure of the Minimal

    John Pawson’s monastery in Bohemia The gap that exists between theory and practice is a challenge in so many pursuits, and Minimalist architecture is just one that struggles with that perennial problem. In 1908, Adolf Loos wrote a memorable essay, “Ornament and Crime,” that advocated for a more streamlined aesthetic. And yet to create that […]