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  • In Water

    Remaya 2, mixed media on wood panel, 36 x 36″ A year ago I had a conversation with Jerry Beck, good friend and founder of the well known Revolving Museum (in Jerry’s nomenclature, a “nomadic nonprofit cultural organization”). We shared an interest in exploring the linkages between art and science, and we agreed that New […]

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  • Sri Lanka and Environs

    Hindu temple in Matale, Sri Lanka These last few weeks were spent in Oman, UAE and Sri Lanka. The ancient traditions—Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist—are deep and leave me feeling humbly outside a true understanding of these profound songlines. The eyes take it in, but they are just the first step in truly seeing. Here are just […]

  • Mysticism
  • Belonging to the Rank

    Rudeau, 24 x 24″, from a recent painting series Compendium, now on view at the Islip Art Museum (running through December 27), explores the interchangeable qualities of both art and science. Curators Lorrie Fredette and Beth Giacummo included this quote by Albert Einstein in their show commentary: The most beautiful emotion we can experience is […]

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  • Art as a Well Planned Crime

    One corner in my new show, “The Light Within”, at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery (September 5 – October 11.) The combination of metallic surfaces on the series to the right (“Silma 1-4”) and the chalky intensity of “Kannakam” on the gorgeously textured wall on the left pleases my eye. How to talk about the visual without […]

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  • Brooklyn Show

    Marae 2, 16 x 16″, mixed media on wood panel I am having a show of recent paintings at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery in Carroll Gardens during September and October. Curator Martine Bisagni has titled the show, “The Light Within,” choosing works where light appears to be emerging from within the painting rather than sourced externally. […]

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  • China, in Fragments

    The only way I can imagine discussing my time in China is from a few small side glances. The incomprehensible immensity of the country, the complexity of its 6,000 year history, the speed with which everything that cannot adapt to China’s streamlined, extraordinary collective vision of the future is being torn down, discarded and abandoned—I […]

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  • Beyond the Parrots

    The headline in the Parrot’s Weekly read: Titantic Sunk. No Parrots Hurt. –Katharine Whitehorn, quoted in The Artful Universe by John D. Barrow Oh the power of a point of view…Parrots may not be your thing, but something is. Washington’s poet laureate Elizabeth Austen speaks to our proclivity to narrowbanding in her piece, How poetry […]