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  • Incipient Cosmos

    Monnara, from a new series July Mountain We live in a constellation Of patches and of pitches, Not in a single world, In things said well in music, On the piano and in speech, As in the page of poetry- Thinkers without final thoughts In an always incipient cosmos. The way, when we climb a […]

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  • The Grace of Perfect Danger

    Agamya 2 “May your imagination know The grace of perfect danger.” Those are lines are from the poem, For the Artist at the Start of Day, by John O’Donohue, the warmhearted Irish poet and former priest who died in his sleep at just 52 seven years ago. Writing this poem for anyone who spends their […]

  • Aesthetics
  • The Sweet Unheard

    Of all the poets who delve into writing, creativity and the nature of art making, Jane Hirschfield is the closest to my way of seeing things. I go back to her books over and over again. Now another to add to my library: Hiddenness, Uncertainty, Surprise: Three Generative Energies of Poetry. These three essays were […]

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  • It’s The Honey

    Dolice 1, 12 x 12″ on wood panel Nigrassa, 40 x 40″ on canvas Both paintings are from the upcoming show, “On the Surface: Outward Appearances”, at Chautauqua Institution, June 16 – August 19, 2014 For us, honey is a gift; for the bee, it is labor. –Jane Hirschfield The poet Jane Hirschfield is a […]

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  • Everything Depends

    Mar Jee 3, from a recent series I have been spending some time contemplating where working and mystery coalesce. Here are a few thoughts about that by way of some wise practitioners… Shaking the Tree Vine and branch we’re connected in this world of sound and echo, figure and shadow, the leaves contingent, roots pushing […]

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  • In Both But Neither

    Boli (Photo: Brooklyn Museum) Bolis are abstract figures that are from the Bamana culture. The basic form, a bit like a simplified cow, is made from mud, eggs, chewed kola nuts, sacrificial blood, urine, honey, beer, vegetable fiber, and cow dung. The role of the boli is to regulate energy, whatever is moving from the […]

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  • A Truing of Vision

    The round object above is a Moroccan hand made drum given to me by my friend John Wyrick. It had one slight tear near the edge when I brought it into my studio several years ago. With time two fissures began to make their way slowly across the taut animal hide, following no pattern I […]