• Aesthetics
  • Knowingly Subjective

    All the world as seen through the lens of a crystalline polythene grid of air pockets “Of course one always has the same theme. Everyone has her theme. She should move around in that theme.” So claims Austrian author Thomas Bernhard. Similarly, artist Lucian Freud was reported to have said, “Everything is autobiographical, everything is […]

  • Art/Science
  • Kahneman, in the Studio

    Every once in a while a book comes along that is so provocative and powerful that it becomes the epicenter of a major change in thinking, both personally and in the world at large. I’m sure you have your list which may or may not overlap with my own, but here are three I have […]

  • Psychology
  • 21st Century Montaignism

    My recent reading of Montaigne has increased my interest in how simple, straightforward “how to live” advice is made available. In our era we rely on data to validate our claims, so contemporary advice takes on a different hue. I was struck by this when I came across The Ψ Project blog and a list […]

  • Ideas
  • Responses to Jung’s Red Book

    Rubin Museum of Art chief curator, Martin Brauen, left, and Felix Walder, great-grandson to Carl Jung, inspect Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” (Photo: Rubin Museum) The Rubin Museum exhibit (and accompanying lecture series) that features The Red Book by Carl Jung has been on my mind since I first saw the show a few months […]