• Aesthetics
  • Go Broad, or Go Deep

    What a treasure trove is Robert Ayers’ blog, A Sky filled with Shooting Stars. Earlier this week I posted a few extracts from Ayers’ recent interview with Larry Poons. Digging a bit deeper into Ayers’ archives, I have found fascinating interviews with several other significant artists. It is now clear to me that Ayers has […]

  • Theater
  • Beckett’s Endgame

    Beckett’s Endgame is canonical modern theater, and the American Repertory Theatre has staged it for the second time during the many years I’ve been a subscriber. An earlier production in 1984 was directed by JoAnne Akalaitis, a co-founder with Lee Breuer et al of the legendary theatrical mavens, Mabou Mines, which, along with Robert Wilson, […]

  • Poetry
  • (Not) Easy Puzzles

    Calibrate How happy am I to apply this brief kiss, or can I say, today I am a woman, perhaps clay, perhaps human. Rushing along the galaxy, this string bag of easy puzzles. To make matters worse, I’m happy. Calibrate: A veil of wet snow, a diffuse sun, there are the planks of the porch, […]

  • Politics
  • Smart Power

    There’s a convergence happening. When I read about the state of the art market, the economy, social change, politics, the financial sector or just how to survive personally in this brave new world of 2009, the solutions are starting to have a common theme. What used to be compartmentalized and fragmented (bankers caring only about […]

  • Aesthetics
  • Poons, Letting it Rip

    A recent interview with the Zen koan-like and enigmatic artist Larry Poons can be read in its entirety on Robert Ayers’ excellent blog, A sky filled with Shooting Stars. Poons has a show of new work up in Chelsea, and it is quite a departure from earlier “dot” paintings. Larry Poons Here is a sample […]

  • Poetry
  • Nothing But Wild Emptiness

    Grace When I think of how you move— when you enter a room, how the room enters you; when you step out into the night, how the night sky falls into your hair— when I think of how you stand as if with nothing in your hands and I have nothing to offer you now […]

  • Poetry
  • Choose Your River Carefully

    The Niagara River As though the river were a floor, we position our table and chairs upon it, eat, and have conversation. As it moves along, we notice—as calmly as though dining room paintings were being replaced— the changing scenes along the shore. We do know, we do know this is the Niagara River, but […]

  • Politics
  • Arts Funding, Policy and Politics

    The politics of art. That isn’t my field, and yet it is. I listened to the back and forth about arts funding during the Stimulus Bill discussions with mixed emotions. Sometimes the arguments rang true, sometimes they didn’t. The fact is that OF COURSE we need to fund and support the arts. Those who think […]