Constellating a Future

Above: Microscape Series (River Poem #2) by Taney Roniger. . At the beginning of the year I quoted from Rebecca Solnit’s recent book, Whose Story Is This?  We are building something immense together that, though invisible and immaterial, is a structure, one we reside within—or, rather, many overlapping structures…Though there are individual voices and people […]

Keeping Ithaka Always in Mind

John Berger described drawing as something done “not only to make something observed visible to others, but also to accompany something invisible to its incalculable destination.” For so many of us who write, compose, paint or draw, Berger’s sentence brings to mind familiar experiences: Starting with something we see that we want to make comprehensible […]

Somewhere Between What is Hidden and What is Seen: A New Pell Lucy Exhibit

Pell Lucy, the 21 artist collaborative created three months ago, has a new exhibit up on Artsy today: Somewhere Between What is Hidden and What is Seen. The show will be available for viewing through December 3. This exhibit continues exploration into the Pell Lucy credo that form “possesses an intelligence of its own–an intelligence […]

The Infinity of Aesthetics

“Public opinion doesn’t usually move in staccato bursts,” writes Bill McKibben. “Culture usually shifts gradually—painfully gradually for those of us who want change. But, occasionally, attitudes swing quite suddenly, as if pressure had been silently building up behind a dam until it burst.” Consider for a moment how many build ups are bursting on this […]