Sunset over Picacho, by Scout Dunbar The latest Pell Lucy online exhibit can now be viewed on Artsy: Indelibles. The show features work by the following artists: Tracey Adams, Deborah Barlow, Kay Canavino, Mi-Jin Chun, Silva DeMarchi, Scout Dunbar, Tina Feingold, Lea Feinstein, Karen Fitzgerald, Lynette Haggard, Joseph Hayes, Joanne Lefrak, Eve Leonard, Denise Manseau, […]

Intimately Enthralled

Sarah Slavick, Inception 3 (This work is included in the Pell Lucy exhibit, Intimately Enthralled) The latest online exhibition of Pell Lucy artists is now available on Intimately Enthralled. This collection includes works by several new members of Pell Lucy–Tracey Adams, Silvia De Marchi, Scout Dunbar, Tracey Maroni, Laura Perry and Priya Vadhyar. The […]

A Generosity of Spirit

Wayfinder–In and Through (30), by Matthew Burrows. Ink on homemade paper This year of isolation and social distanced living—with more still to come—has brought so much discussion about the meaning of community and belonging. This difficult year has felt so personal, like watching the upholstery of your favorite chair ripped open to expose the armature […]

Constellating a Future

Above: Microscape Series (River Poem #2) by Taney Roniger. . At the beginning of the year I quoted from Rebecca Solnit’s recent book, Whose Story Is This?  We are building something immense together that, though invisible and immaterial, is a structure, one we reside within—or, rather, many overlapping structures…Though there are individual voices and people […]

Keeping Ithaka Always in Mind

John Berger described drawing as something done “not only to make something observed visible to others, but also to accompany something invisible to its incalculable destination.” For so many of us who write, compose, paint or draw, Berger’s sentence brings to mind familiar experiences: Starting with something we see that we want to make comprehensible […]