This was the final paragraph in my last essay, Art and Mycelia: Artists, like mycelium, have been operating in a world where they are mostly hidden, undervalued and disempowered.  Like the concept of the flipped classroom—the movement to change institutionalized pedagogy by switching what happens inside the classroom and out—maybe it is time to flip […]

Going Direct

Moira Dryer In the last few weeks I have had a number of conversations with artists and gallerists (using that term freely) about changes that are coming at us, each with its own velocity. Some are moving like a sea change, some are seismic. But the old forms are morphing, of that I am certain. […]

Slow Down and Let it Talk

Linda Durham (Photo: New Mexican) On a sad note: Linda Durham Gallery in Santa Fe will be closing this month after 33 years. I have admired Linda’s bravado and devotion to her artists and her gallery. I’m sorry to see her move on. In an interview with Linda that appeared in the Santa Fe Reporter, […]