Clew Takes on A Life of Its Own

Photo: Stacey Durand

Clew opened at the Lamont Gallery on January 20. Since that time the gallery has hosted a variety of events including meditations, dance performances, theatrical readings, beadmaking workshops, and a class of curious kindergarteners.

It was our collective intention (Todd Hearon, Jung Mi Lee, Lauren O’Neal, Jon Sakata and me) to bring this exhibit into form and let it take on a life of its own. The more interactive elements—salt, water, gelatin capsules and a wall for any guest to leave a response—have continued to morph as we enter the final month of the show.

Words buried in the gelatin caps

The most dramatic has been to watch the evolution of the water pool. Soon after we opened a green tinge began to appear along with slicks of oil on the surface. Soon pieces of anthracite found their way into the tank, forming an impromptu archipelago of dark matter. It keeps changing. Each time I come to the gallery, I go to see what has happened to the water since my last visit.

Day one

Two months in


Gallery attendant Stacey Durand shared responses to the show she heard from a recent visit by a kindergarten class:

“I was on the moon!”

“We were in outer space”

“It was another planet with lava and rocks and stuff”

“It was sooo beautiful”

Just what we hoped for.


“Make a New Map” wall


Photo: Stacey Durand

Photo: Stacey Durand

Photo: Stacey Durand

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