Entre Chien et Loup, at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery

Entre Chien et Loup is the latest exhibit of my work at the Brooklyn Workshop Gallery. I am very pleased to be able to create this show with a friend and an artist I admire, Pam Farrell.

Pam and I have wanted to exhibit our work together for a long time. The evocative French phrase we are using as the title of this show, Entre Chien et Loup, literally means “between a dog and a wolf.” While it is a poetic expression describing the liminal moment when day becomes night, it also speaks to edges at other thresholds as well—between the familiar and the strange, comfort and fear, the domestic and the wild, hope and despair, knowledge and doubt, safety and danger. In other words, it is full of opportunity for collaborative surprises.

This is my third show with BWG since 2010. So special thanks to Martine Bisagni and Amani Ansari for their unflagging support.

We have three separate events scheduled during the run of the show, so I hope there is a time that would be convenient for you to stop by. I’ll be in attendance at all three.

Here are the show details:

Entre Chien et Loup

June 2 – June 25, 2017

393 Hoyt Street
Brooklyn NY 11231
718 797 9427
Martine Bisagni, director

Preview: Thursday, June 1, 4-8pm
Opening reception: Sunday, June 4, 2-5pm
Closing celebration: Saturday, June 24, 4-8pm

One last closing note: I also want to thank everyone who supported my efforts around Clew, a collaborative installation at Phillips Exeter Academy that was on view from January through April. My fellow artists—poet Todd Hearon, curator Lauren O’Neal and sound artists Jon Sakata and Jung Mi Lee, made that experience a magical one for me. For those of you who did not see the installation, I have posted photos, reviews and a video on my blog Slow Muse here.