Clew, Redux

“Clew,” installation view by Cheryl Senter

Clew, a collaborative installation at the Phillips Exeter Academy, came to an end in the middle of April. The energy unleashed in that collaboration with Todd Hearon, Lauren O’Neal, Jon Sakata and Jung Mi Lee continues to pull me in unexpected directions. Thank you again to all my fellow artists and to the many people who saw the show and shared their responses. I am still learning from what it was, and is.

All about Clew, in one place:

Clew: A Collaboration
Clew: In Process
Clew: A Rich and Rewarding Disorientation
Clew Takes on a Life of Its Own

Artscope Magazine, March/April 2017 (full text here)
The Exeter Bulletin, Spring 2017 (full text here)

Clew, by Pedro Fermin Perez-Andreu (view it here)

Installation photos by Cheryl Senter

5 Replies to “Clew, Redux”

  1. Bert Waters says:

    Deborah Barlow and colleagues are art pioneers doing amazing things. Together and alone they turn ideas into cutting-edge shows and visual challenges for the art lover. i hope she/they keep influencing the esthetic in important ways.
    Bert Waters

    1. deborahbarlow says:

      So honored Bert! Thank you.

  2. i really wish i could have seen that

    1. deborahbarlow says:

      Thank you so much.

  3. Rob McKean says:

    Mesmerizing, an inspired collaboration.

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