Unity, at Art Times Two

Dan Zeller, in The Unity of Everything

When Karen Fitzgerald first told me about her idea for a show, The Unity of Everything, I was already on board. Karen and I are like-minded in many ways, particularly in our shared interest in visual lexicons that engage the viewer at multiple sensory points, not just the intellect. For this show, installed in a gallery space located within the Princeton Brain and Spine (Art Times Two), Karen had her eye on work that is strong and yet not aggressive, contemplative while still engaging.

So I wasn’t surprised to attend the opening on Tuesday night and find myself in visual bliss. Every piece in this show speaks to me, each in its own language. Several of the artists are already friends of mine, and the others are now part of the circle of work I want to look at, pay attention to, live with and learn from.

Well done Karen, and well done all of you: Nandini Chirimar, Lorrie Fredette, Elizabeth Mead, Liz Quisgard, Andra Samelson and Daniel Zeller.

Art Times Two
731 Alexander Road Suite 200
Princeton, New Jersey
September 9 2018 – March 31 2019

Note on the photos: These were all taken with my phone, at night. Please excuse less than perfect color correction.

Daniel Zeller, Elizabeth Mead, Lorrie Fredette, Deborah Barlow

Elizabeth Mead, Daniel Zeller

Deborah Barlow, Lorrie Fredette, Andra Samelson

Deborah Barlow, Daniel Zeller

Deborah Barlow, Daniel Zeller

Andra Samelson, Nandini Chirimar, Lorrie Fredette

Elizabeth Mead

Liz Quisgard

Deborah Barlow, Nandini Chirimar

Andra Samelson

Deborah Barlow, Elizabeth Mead

Andra Samelson

Deborah Barlow, Lorrie Fredette

Nandini Chirimar, Lorrie Fredette

Daniel Zeller

Daniel Zeller

Daniel Zeller, Deborah Barlow

Deborah Barlow and Daniel Zeller

Nandini Chirimar

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  1. Cindy says:

    Congratulations Deborah! “strong and yet not aggressive, contemplative while still engaging”–totally nailed it.

    1. deborahbarlow says:

      Thanks Cindy!

  2. 3beeches says:

    innerstirrin’ stuff… thank you for the private viewing 😉

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