Cosmic Swat

God’s Acrostic What if the universe is God’s acrostic? He’s sneaking bits of proverbs into seismic variations; Abbreviating psalms in flecks of snow. Try to read them, says a comet, If you dare. Fine print. What you’ve been waiting for. Twisted in the DNA of marmosets: Hermetic feedback to your tight-lipped prayer. Examine indentations left […]

The Object of My Affection

Here’s a midwinter diversion for you. From Slow Muse friend and frequent commenter, Elatia Harris: 3 Quarks Daily is known as one of the blogosphere’s more cerebral haunts, and it occurred to me that habitues of 3QDistan might know a great deal about being broken-hearted by a poem, a song, a building, or most of […]