“Desert Breath,” land art in the Eastern Sahara Desert in Egypt. Two spirals emanate from a circular depression 100 feet in diameter. The installation occupies over a million square feet of desert and can be viewed from the air. Artist Danae Stratou, designer and architect Alexandra Stratou, and architect Stella Constantinides created the project between […]

Coordinates: Unlocatable

Somewhere in New Mexico A Muslim prayer expresses this extraordinary request: “Lord, increase my bewilderment.” In poet Fanny Howe‘s essay, “Bewilderment”, from her essay collection, The Wedding Dress, she describes bewilderment as more than an attitude. It is an actual approach she says, a way to “settle with the unresolvable.” And this: A signal does […]

Fanny Howe

Blue river, icy sunk where something but nobody fell Now theology is necessary for the way there are these holes & questions Père Noël, whose presents like questions come from the mind: Let me be helpless & hopeless this coming year let me know God and not feel fear Winter tones are rose & glass […]