Visitors, Full of Yearning

One room from “The Visitors”, by Ragnar Kjartansson Installation view (Photo: Agostino Osio, courtesy Fondazione Hangarbicocca) The Clock, a video montage/art installation by Christian Marclay, artfully stitched together 24 hours’ worth of vignettes with references to time. Stipulated by Marclay to only be viewed in perfect synch with real time, The Clock‘s sequences are extracted […]

Cherrying the Mind

Anne Carson’s poem overlooks Boston Harbor alongside the ICA First Chaldic Oracle There is something you should know. And the right way to know it is by a cherrying of your mind. Because if you press your mind towards it and try to know that thing as you know a thing, you will not know […]


This morning a group of us went to see the Shepard Fairey retrospective at the ICA in Boston. Having lived through the viral spread of Andre the Giant and the OBEY stickers and stencils in Boston and Providence, I had a preconceived idea about what it would be like to see his work assembled in […]