October 15 march and protest in Boston Aligning the work you do with the passions of your heart is not a given. My partner Dave worked for decades before he finally found a way to integrate his professional life with his personal desire to make the world a better place. (His organization, ReachScale, creates public/private […]

Poetry and Politics

His Springboard Resolve For his firmness is most fog horn. For he’s darning our fraying hem with fine thread; for he’s following a plan. Be it a progression from detention to due process. Be it a declaration of Middle-East and market collapse mazes unmazed. Be it settled. From this day forward, a little less fetus, […]


I am speechless with joy. So is everyone in my world. A message this morning from my friend Thalassa said, “I’m in love with my country again.” I know what you mean, and it feels intoxicating. The crowd in Grant Park. The euphoric celebrations everywhere, even overseas. The newspaper headlines (The Morgen Post in Hamburg […]

A Nation Divided, In Perpetua?

Election Day, finally. I have lost personal access to the timbre of evenhandedness in this political season, so it was with fascination that I read Eve LaPlante’s feature piece in the Boston Globe yesterday. She explores current research that suggests the hard-wired, biological and somewhat predetermined nature of a political point of view. A correlation […]