Ann Gardner

Everyone needs a Maureen Doallas in their lives. Maureen filters the world of art and poetry like a baleine whale combs the sea for krill. Her latest find is a show at Winston Watcher in Seattle by mosaic artist Ann Gardner. As described by the gallery, Gardner is known for “unique sculptures that use hand […]

Upcoming Show at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery

This is a heads up about my upcoming exhibit opening in Brooklyn on Saturday June 26. I am very excited to be showing (mostly) new paintings along with the stunning sculptures of Rina Peleg. The artist reception starts at 7pm on the 26th—an event that is being described by gallery director Martine Bisagni rather provocatively […]

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois in 1990, behind her marble sculpture Eye to Eye (1970) (Photo Raimon Ramis) Louise Bourgeois is hard to place in my personal inspiration taxonomy. I have been aware of her for most of my art-making life, but I never had the deep connection to her work that I have had with the pack […]

Chelsea Highlights

A few more highlights of Chelsea art viewing from New York City last week: At Sikkema Jenkins, Leonardo Drew’s exquisite wood constructs were spectacular: Photo courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins A few selected views: *** And at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe Gallery, Oliver Arms paintings knocked me out. Here’s a florid (but satisfying) description from […]

Written on the Body

Tribute, by Anne Truitt (Photo courtesy of Anne Truitt) More thoughts about Anne Truitt, mostly through commentary by others: Her son-in-law, art critic Charlie Finch, wrote an essay about Truitt that brings her work and her persona closer together. He begins the essay by describing Truitt as “the driest, most detached person I had yet […]

Color Ecstacist

Installation view of “Anne Truitt: Perception and Reflection,” at the Hirshhorn Museum (Photo: Lee Stalsworth) I have been a fan of sculptor Anne Truitt’s writing since I read her book Daybook many years ago. First published in 1982, Daybook is Truitt’s personal journal while working at Yaddo, and her insights into the squirrely nature of […]