Bio Luminescence and Other Wonders

The Ted site…I could spend days there. Billed as a collection of “inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers,” the range of topics offered is staggering.

This video of David Gallo is a spectacular 5 minute exploration of “underwater astonishments.” Wow. I’ve watched it three times and I’m still not done:

David Gallo on TED

(David Gallo, an oceanographer pushing the boundary of underwater discoveries, was one of the first to use a combination of manned submersibles and robots to map the undersea world.)

Thank you to friend Liz Razovich for sending this link to me.

6 Replies to “Bio Luminescence and Other Wonders”

  1. Incredible images!

  2. Deborah – the blue images on the video bring to mind cyanotypes – most beautiful. Thank you for providing the link. There are some amazing “talks” on TED. G

  3. Yes–those images are very cyanotypish–thanks for that connection G. So glad you both were compelled as well. I keep watching it…

  4. Now this post is serendipitous. I’ve been thinking of writing a poem about luminescent creatures from the inky depths of the ocean. Can’t wait to see the video! Thanks for sharing.

  5. C, so glad when these things have cross pollination–poetry begetting art, art begetting poetry…Thank you for checking in.

  6. Diana Johnson says:

    that was astounding!

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