Twining the Text


I saw that a star had broken its rope
in the stables of heaven—

This homeless one will find her home
in the foothills of a green century.

Who sleeps beside still waters, wakes.
The terrestrial hands of the heaven clock

comb out the comet’s tangled mane
and twelve strands float free.

In the absence of light and gravity,
slowly as dust, or the continents’ drift,

sinuous, they twine a text,
one letter to an eon:

I am the dawn horse.
Ride me.

–Liz Waldner

Another gem by Liz Waldner.

2 Replies to “Twining the Text”

  1. I just ordered Waldner’s book “Trust”. I’m looking forward to reading the poems.

  2. i like the photo.
    where is it from?

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