The universe in a blade of grass (…or in a lid left on your work table in the angled light of afternoon)

Here’s more on the theme of looking for and relishing the unexpected, life’s little and big exceptions, those “black swans” that appear out of nowhere (as I wrote about here.) I am also reminded that new friendships qualify as well, those kind where a whole new world opens up, quickly and deeply.

This is the Dream

This is the dream we carry through the world
that something fantastic will happen
that it has to happen
that time will open by itself
that doors shall open by themselves
that the heart will find itself open
that mountain springs will jump up
that the dream will open by itself
that we one early morning
will slip into a harbor
that we have never known.

–Olav H. Hauge
translated by Robert Bly and Robert Hedin

Thanks to Whiskey River for once again offering up a most timely poem.

5 Replies to “Openings”

  1. Like that image!

  2. This is such a gorgeous poem. So full of expectation and the fullness of each day. Thank you

  3. Thank you Deborah for sharing this beautiful poem! It has such a great optimistic tone as well as an incredible diaphanous quality about it.

    ….and so very apropros!! I always seem to find something in your posts that resonate. With this one- I loved it so much I posted it on FB, where all great wisdom is immortalized 😉

  4. I thought at first your image was the Yin/Yang symbol – how lovely it is and how lovely you are for noticing it.

    That poem is so allusive and elusive – just great.


  5. Thanks everyone for responding to a photo of a lid in the sunshine. My own transcendent lid a la Orozco…

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