The Jetty in Winter

Spiral Jetty (Photo: Greg Lindquist)

Greg Lindquist, a Brooklyn based artist, made a winter’s pilgrimage to the Spiral Jetty on January 2, Robert Smithson’s birthday. His photos and “trip report” can be read on Hyperallergic.

As readers of this blog already know, this is a frequent pilgrimage spot for me. Lindquist’s photos of the Jetty in the snow, with the angled winter light on that extreme and remote landscape, offer up a different face to that iconic earthwork.

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4 Replies to “The Jetty in Winter”

  1. […] the Spiral Jetty in yesterday’s post has me thinking about land marking, especially during a snow storm as extensive as the one that […]

  2. I hope one day to see this in person.

  3. This is spectacular! How hard was it to get too? I hear the last few miles are the worst. I’ve been close–Salt Lake–but lost my nerve. Advice? Did you need 4 wheel drive?

  4. Miriam, Feel free to email me if you are thinking of going. I can give you very specific and useful advice about making the trip. My email is

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