White, Plus Other Colors

Dar al Islam mosque, Abiquiu (New Mexico)

The White Place, Abiquiu

Rancho de Taos

Santa Fe in February: White light. Radiant. Ubiquitous. Outside. Inside. Writ large. Writ small.

Bowls in sunlight, Santa Fe (Jill Fineberg’s home)

Stonecutters’ glass, Abiquiu

Beard of a mask (at Jill’s)

Last Friday night was the opening of my solo show with Zane Bennett Gallery in Santa Fe. Thanks to so many friends and family for joining in with me. A night to remember.

Installation views:

Opening reception:

7 Replies to “White, Plus Other Colors”

  1. Congratulations, Deborah! Your show looks fabulous. And I love the white collection.

  2. Beautiful, a hearty congrats to you on this! (And ah, that blue New Mexico sky, I want to drink it!)

  3. elegant installation of your stunning paintings and looks like the whole fam was there! Well done, Deb!

  4. Thanks Nancy. The whites were blindingly intense, an experience that needs lots of sky to pull off (not an East Coast thing.)

    Drinking that sky blue…yes Terresa, I’m with you.

    Thanks Di. It was great to have all my children there for the weekend. As you know, you just can’t look at them enough.

  5. Deborah! Welcome back.

    The installation looks stunning. So do you. (The space is gorgeous.)

  6. Deborah, Welcome back! What a beautiful, glowing installation at Zane Bennett. Congratulations. There are a few there I have not seen. What is the large red/black in the foreground? Cant wait to hear more. And the light from Sante Fe is so welcome here now. Love, Stephanie

  7. Welcome back! Have missed you.

    Your show looks wonderful, and your photos from New Mexico make me long to get back there. Maybe this fall….

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