Confounding Permanence

Discovering the selfless nature doesn’t have a monumental “Eureka!” quality. It is more like being continually perplexed, the way we feel when we’re looking for the car keys we’re so sure are in our pocket, or when the supermarket’s being renovated and what we need has moved to a different aisle each time we go shopping. That experience of being somewhat dumbfounded is the beginning of wisdom. We’re beginning to see through our ignorance—the everyday vigil we sustain to confirm that we exist in some permanent way. We look at our mind and see that it is a fluid situation, and we look at the world and see that it is a fluid situation. Our expectation of permanence is confounded.

–Sakyong Mipham

I just began reading Sakyong Mipham‘s book, Ruling Your World. This passage rang true. Ah, that state, the fluid situation.

2 Replies to “Confounding Permanence”

  1. Accepting fluidity over permanence is terrifying to most people, who will stay with the most horrific situations to avoid change.

  2. […] While I can’t say there are many “to-be-filled” moments in my life, I covet the ones that remain and I hold that space dear to me as the air I breathe.  It is here in this space everything is possible which brings me to the second quote from Slow Muse. […]

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