Mars on My Mind

This is Mars (All images: Aperture)

It’s big, and it isn’t cheap. But for any of you out there who, like me, have a fascination with space, planetary bodies, other worlds and/or sheer unadulterated materiality, this is the book for you. This is Mars will knock you out.

From the Aperture site:

This Is Mars offers a previously unseen vision of the red planet. Located somewhere between art and science, the book brings together for the first time a series of panoramic images recently sent back by the U.S. observation satellite MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter). Since its arrival in orbit in 2006, MRO and its HiRISE telescope have been mapping Mars’s surface in a series of exceptionally detailed images that reveal all the beauty of this legendary planet. Conceived as a visual atlas, the book takes the reader on a fantastic voyage—plummeting into the breathtaking depths of the Velles Marineris canyons; floating over the black dunes of Noachis Terra; and soaring to the highest peak in our solar system, the Olympus Mons volcano. The search for traces of water also uncovers vast stretches of carbonic ice at the planet’s poles.

Seamlessly compiled by French publisher, designer, and editor Xavier Barral, these extraordinary images are accompanied by an introduction by research scientist Alfred S. McEwen, principle investigator on the HiRISE telescope; an essay by astrophysicist Francis Rocard, who explains the story of Mars’s origins and its evolution; and a timeline by geophysicist Nicolas Mangold, who unveils geological secrets of this fascinating planet.




7 Replies to “Mars on My Mind”

  1. Marvelous images!

    1. deborahbarlow says:

      I can’t stop looking at this book.

  2. Ann Dibble Call says:

    so similar to earthly things, and yet……..they are on Mars! But the patterns! The patterns! Just intriguing. Element is element, no matter where it is found! ………and life? It is there! The scale, when contemplated, is a challenge to try to picture in my mind!

    In the universe,as in the world, there is much truth yet to be found!

    1. deborahbarlow says:

      I know, it is that “it’s like earth, and yet it isn’t” that is so beguiling. Thrilling for the eye and the mind.

  3. A remarkable monochromatic Jackson Pollock!

    1. deborahbarlow says:


  4. Fractals everywhere. The continuity of the universe…

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