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The latest book by the geologist turned photographer Bernhard Edmaier (whose previous books include Patterns of the Earth, Earth on Fire and Earthsong) is his most seductive yet. Published by Phaidon Press*, EarthArt: Colours of the Earth is a masterful melding of images, scale (this book is big) and exquisite book design. I can’t believe anyone with a retinal orientation will not be overwhelmed by this book.

I know, I know: I am an easy mark for any images of space, earth from the air, microscopy and the numinous. But this is worth every penny of its price.

Just sayin’.

*Phaidon Press was founded in 1923 in Vienna with the goal of producing high quality books that could still be affordable. Moving to England when Austria was annexed by the Nazis, Phaidon has changed ownership many times and was most recently purchased by American financier and art collector Leon Black in 2012.

3 Replies to “Must See and Must Have”

  1. “retinal orientation.” Love it! It looks absolutely gorgeous…

    1. deborahbarlow says:

      Thanks for your comment. And yes it is so so lush.

  2. Wonderful!! Thanks for the heads up, Deborah — as usual (Amazon should give you a percentage!).

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