In Water Opens

In Water, an exhibit currently on view at the Beyond Benign Gallery in Wilmington Massachusetts

Putting this show together, getting it installed and then celebrating with friends—pure pleasure. Thank you to so many who contributed to this effort: The great staff under Amy Cannon at Beyond Benign, Jerry Beck at the Revolving Museum, John Warner of Warner Babcock, all the artists who participated and especially my co-installer George Wingate, art playmate extraordinaire all these many years. (We shared a space in New York City in 1973. Yeah, it’s been a lifetime.)

Information about the exhibit and the gallery is here. If you are in the area, please stop in. While you won’t have the pleasure of hearing the soundtrack of water-themed music or drink wines with water-related names (very cool attention to detail, Amy!) this exploration into water by 6 different artists will be up through October 25.

A few installation shots of In Water (with work by Deborah Barlow, Kay Canavino, Rachael Eastman, Barbara Gagel, Susan Quateman and George Wingate) along with a few other photos:

Intimate ink drawings by Rachael Eastman on the first gallery wall

George Wingate’s diagonal installation is an indicator, a pointer, a propeller, a marker


We wanted this second gallery to feel “bathyspheric”, as if submerged and surrounded by water

On the left, encaustic monoprints by Barbara Gagel

From the left: A mixed media painting by me, another encaustic monoprint by Barbara Gagel, and silk painting and photograph by Susan Quateman



Two underwater photographs by Kay Canavino

Hand cut and assembled, George Wingate created the In Water frieze along the upper wall



Set up with George Wingate

Special help arrived when Kerry Cudmore showed up

Reception prep

Jerry Beck, Amy Cannon (partial view) and Barbara Gagel

Lesli Gordon along with unexpected guests from Saratoga Springs, Colleen Burke and Doodles

Winner of the prize for the longest journey: Linda Gibbs (along with the Michaels, her husband and her brother) who drove up from Mamaroneck New York to be with Rachael Eastman and me

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  1. Wonderful, enjoyed the ride through the show

  2. Kevin Simmers says:

    Looks like a wonderful show and a great space. Congratulations to ALL!

  3. Congratulations! It looks positively limpid.

  4. Looks fabulous! Are you planning other venues?

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