Identity, Universality and the Search for Meaning

Remains of the Traianeum (Temple of Trajan) on the Acropolis of Pergamon in Turkey. This most recent trip to India, South Africa and Turkey brought me into even closer proximity to some of the most persistent, larger-than-life issues like belonging, tribalism, identity, belief. In looking at those enormous ideas more closely, it is impossible to […]

In Praise of Travel

“solvitur ambulando”: Walking alongside the Hemis monastery in Ladakh I’ve written many times here about my extreme reliance on travel to enrich and deepen the inner experience of life. As a painter with an expected sensitivity to changes in landscape and terrain, experiencing those radical shifts in venue is part of my ongoing creative process. […]

Destination Lust

Spotted Lake, Canada (Chris Boyle) Zlatni Rat, Croatia (Szabolcs Emich) Great Blue Hole, Belize (USGS) Travel adventure porn: Just dangle a few images of out of the way destinations and the fantasies begin. If you are a person who has similar proclivities, you might enjoy the Los Angeles Times’ slideshow, Bizarre and unusual destinations around […]