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The death of Ted Kennedy has brought an atmospheric inversion to Boston, one that holds the sorrow of his passing in the air, everywhere. Today the motorcade made its way through South Boston, not far from my studio, terminating at the Kennedy Library that overlooks Southie’s Carson Beach and Pleasure Bay. The sentiment heard most frequently? This is the end of an era. You can’t help but feel like we have come up short.

Two excellent sites have been developed by Blue State Digital for information about Ted and his legacy: The soon-to-be Edward M. Kennedy Institute
and the Ted Kennedy site.

So here are a few images and links to counter those feelings of loss and longing. As Howard Zinn artfully reminds us again and again, the good news doesn’t get reported with the depth that the bad news does. So here are a few high points from the last few weeks:

South Boston MA, a block from my studio (whose campaign this is, I have no idea)
Tomato plants growing on the roof of the B. Good healthy hamburger shop in Brookline MA
List of animal sightings in Paradise Valley Wildlife Refuge, Lenox MA (double click to read in detail)
Seen in Pittsfield MA

And a few links to read or watch:

The opposite of pick-pocketing: Here

And finally, a link I have posted here before (a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert) that I find helpful to view repeatedly: Here

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  1. diana johnson says:

    I watched his memorial throughout the day and it brought to mind how many chances we have in life to get it right or at least improve the way we conduct our lives. Ted was a reckless privileged youth that grew to be a considerate thoughtful man championing for the working class hero and a father to his slain brothers’s children. He will be missed.

  2. His life was a complex one, but an exemplary nonetheless. It has been the focus of life here for days. I was inspired by his memorial too.

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